Tech Alpha Invitations & Codes

  • Hi everyone

    We've noticed some confusion regarding how people are getting into the technical alpha so we're posting this to hopefully answer some questions for the community!

    When you sign up for the technical alpha, you log into the website with the Microsoft account details associated with your X Box profile. If you are invited into the technical alpha then you can log into the insider hub on your X Box One console and download the game. NO CODE NEEDED

    The codes were special give aways distributed by Ninja Theory to players at E3 to fast track them into the technical alpha.

    The first test on the 27th is for X Box One consoles with PC coming later down the line, we will be adding more players and more regions over the course of the technical alpha.

    Hope this helps!

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  • @Ninja-Support If you are sent according to geography location, I am sure you will delay the alpha in the Middle East ☹

  • @Ninja-Support I noticed myself and some friends recieved e-mails today thanking us for showing interesting in the Alpha. Does that mean we aren't joining the Alpha on the 27th?

    TLDR; have you already sent out emails to people who will partake in the July 27th Alpha?

  • @I-AM-H0LLYWO0D I recieved the same mail thanking me for my interest, but my girlfriend recieved a mail where she was choosen to play the alpha

  • @Ninja-Support if we didnt get in will there be a update when we can expect more invitations to go out?

  • @C0NDEMNED-ONE Most likely it'll be when they're ready to start the next session.

  • I was confused as well. All I know is I have my email on deck, constantly refreshing it. I dont want to miss my chance to try this

  • @Ninja-Support how to know i'am in alpha?

  • Hey Guys!

    If you are able to participate in the technical alpha, you will receive an email from Ninja Theory officially inviting you to join!

    We plan to hold weekly tests and as mentioned above we will be adding more people through out the technical alpha. 🙂

  • @Tetris229 been waiting on that email since e3 ☹☹ ☹

  • I’ve been waiting too, but I’m so ready and eager

  • @Ninja-Support need a invite will test the game now my friends all testing but Not me☹ ☹

  • @Tetris229 hi, its reassuring to know that more invites will be sent out to those people that completed the survey and signed up for the tech alpha playtests, such as myself, i am patiently awaiting an email from ninja theory to try out the Alpha technical test, i was unable to attend this years e3 in person so wasnt one of the many people that got given a fast track to try the alpha technical, but nevertheless, would very much appreciate an invite to playtest the technical test during its timeslot. I will keep a close watch on these forums and will check my emails regularly.

  • @Ninja-Support I’ve received my invite but don’t have access to Alfa Forum and don’t see it in my insider HUB.

  • @Ninja-Support I received a email today with a invitation but I’m not allowed to see the forums and I don’t see the game in insider hub

  • @werewolf297 same here and I’ve been at this all day trying to get answers but nothing yet.

  • @Tetris229 i recieved an email saying I was invited to the technical alpha but it's still not showing in my Insider Hub. Who should I contact to get this resolved?

  • @TheRealSpecOps said in Tech Alpha Invitations & Codes:

    @Ninja-Support I’ve received my invite but don’t have access to Alfa Forum and don’t see it in my insider HUB.

    same here @Ninja-Support

  • Having the same issues as others, have received my invitation but my access to the forums is restricted and the game does not appear in my Insider Hub. Hoping this can be resolved before the playtesting tonight! @Ninja-Support

  • Hey guys

    If you're having trouble downloading/installing the game or with your technical alpha invitation, you should submit a ticket via the
    Bleeding Edge Support Centre.

    Ninja Theory can't discuss your personal information on public platforms like discord, forums or twitter. If there's an issue that needs to be fixed they can talk to you about it in more detail and email you with specific help or instructions.

    Hope this helps!